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Reasons why Koforidua is the best city to live in Ghana



, Reasons why Koforidua is the best city to live in Ghana, Frederick Nuetei

If you are thinking of migrating to Ghana or already in Ghana but want to relocate, then Koforidua is your best bet.


Below are Reasons Why Koforidua Is The Best City To Live In Ghana

No Traffic Jam at any point in Time

Koforidua is one of the few cities in Ghana that hardly experiences traffic situations. Unlike places like Accra and Kumasi where you could stay in traffic for hours when riding from one place to another, Koforidua is traffic-free and you don’t have to bother about waking up at dawn to go to work in order to avoid the traffic. This has made movement in the city very easy and comfortable, a reason why people from elsewhere who have visited the city believe it is the best in Ghana.

Good Roads

Koforidua relatively has very good roads compared to the other major cities in Ghana. Almost every road in the city, major or minor is tarred with only a handful of portholes which is normal in Ghana, even though shouldn’t be the case. Anyone who has lived in places like Accra would attest to how impressive the roads in Koforidua as all the main roads have been tarred.

Affordable Accommodation

The cost of accommodation in Koforidua is ridiculously cheap if you compare it to the likes of Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi. The cost of renting in Accra costs about 6 times the price in Koforidua for same kind of apartment. Though areas closer to schools are expensive, it’s the case of all other cities since those houses are usually used as hostels for students.

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The cost of accommodation has contributed significantly to people leaving other regions to resettle in Koforidua.

Moderate Transport Fare

Transportation in Koforidua is hustle free with transport fares being very moderate. Hardly will you have to pay more than GHS2 for transportation in Koforidua, irrespective of where you are going. As far as your destination is within the city, expect to pay anything not more than GHS2. This is a sharp contrast to what pertains in other cities in Ghana, where transportation fares are a headache for the ordinary Joe. Interestingly, there is no Trotro in Koforidua and taxi fares remain cheaper than Trotro in other cities.

Good Restaurants with Cheap Foods

Koforidua is one of the few places in Ghana where you will find very good restaurants where the prices of foods are very cheap. This is not so common in the country or other cities. You could easily find hotels and restaurants that meet the standard of those in Accra or Kumasi and even offer better services yet the cost of food at these restaurants are way cheaper than those in Accra. Though many have argued that foodstuff are expensive in Koforidua, foods at the top hotels and restaurants are relatively cheaper than same stars of hotels in other cities.

Cheap Hotel Prices

Another phenomenon that makes Koforidua the best city in Ghana is the low cost of hotels and guest houses. Usually hotels and guest houses in regional capitals are very expensive due to the cosmopolitan nature of the cities and high demand for these facilities. That however is not the case in Koforidua where the cost of staying in hotels and guesthouses are far less cheaper compared to other regional capitals. This makes visiting the city very cheap as one can easily lodge at a guesthouse or a hotel for days and still pay an amount that can’t book a hotel for a day in Accra. Hotel rooms that go for GHS150 ($30) in Accra, is only GHS50 ($10) in Koforidua.

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Almost all government institutions have branches in Koforidua

Even though Koforidua is just an hour and half drive from Accra, you wouldn’t need to visit the national capital if you want to deal with any state institution as all the important state institutions like the Passport office, Drivers and Vehicle License Authority (DVLA) and others have offices in the city. Others may argue that these offices are found in other cities as well but what makes Koforidua different is NO QUEUES.

Beautiful Landscapes

Koforidua has one of the best and most beautiful landscapes in Ghana. These landcapes are what people have been traveling to India, Sri Lanka and other countries to see. The town is overlooked by the Akuapem Mountains while the land itself is not tilted much to one side and has a relatively leveled surface making movement less hectic. The city also boasts of a lot of green vegetation and trees, providing better climate for residents. This is something which is missing in places like Accra where one could walk for hours without coming across a tree.

No flooding

The issue of flooding in Ghana has been one of the most topical and discussed subjects in Ghana for decades, as most part of the country, especially our regional capitals flood during the rainy seasons. Koforidua has however been an exemption to the norm. The city doesn’t experience flooding no matter the heaviness of the downpour and on the few occasions there have been flooding; hardly does it affect life and property as has become the case in places like Accra, Tamale and Kumasi.

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Koforidua has become one of the few cities in Ghana where you can expect life to go on normally without residents making any adjustments during the rainy season.

Good sanitation

Koforidua is one of the cleanest cities in Ghana today if not the cleanest. It is normal to go for jogging at dawn and see Zoomlion workers sweeping the streets and collecting all waste materials before the day breaks. This sadly is not the case in most cities in Ghana. A walk through the streets of Accra and you would see heaps of waste left by the roadsides, some of which are left uncollected for days and even weeks at times.

Aside it’s closeness to Accra and Kumasi, crime rate in the city is almost zero despite seeing Policemen at few places. The usual GHS2 collected by Policemen in other cities is not seen in Koforidua. The city also boasts of the best basic schools which are highly patronised by politicians who have second homes in the city.

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Frederick Nuetei Nortey known professionally as Frederick Nortey is a Ghanaian Celebrity Blogger and publicist.He founded an entertainment website and blog that primarily publishes news about Ghanaian Celebrities.


Android Accessibility: You can now communicate using facial gestures and preset actions



, Android Accessibility: You can now communicate using facial gestures and preset actions, Frederick Nuetei

The imperative to improve smartphone use for people with limited motor capabilities has resulted in some truly cool — and hopefully helpful — new features.


Thursday, Google announced an expansion of its accessibility settings as well as a new app that will let people navigate their phones with facial gestures.

The feature within the Android Accessibility Suite is called Camera Switches. Previously, Google let users who could not navigate phones with the touchscreens connect a manual switch device that let them scroll and select.

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Now, the new “switch” is an Android phone’s camera and a person’s face. Users can assign facial gestures like look left or right, smile, or raise eyebrows to functions like click, back, scroll, and more. The phone’s camera will be able to recognize the gestures and translate them into action.

Camera Switches will be rolling out to Android phones (not just Pixels!) in the coming weeks.

The second feature requires downloading an app, but takes the idea of gesture control further. The app, Project Activate, will let people use their phones to send common messages or perform actions, or even verbalize on their behalf, by customizing gestures. An example Google gives is that the app can be programmed to have a gesture like looking left send a text to a caretaker that says, “Please come here.”

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Google notes that, based on feedback from users and advocates, giving people the ability to customize both the gestures and the action taken by the phone was crucial for these features to be useful. With gesture control, it’s interesting to see how helping people with disabilities navigate the world with their smartphones pushes engineers to create innovative and, frankly, super cool products in their own right.

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What you must look out for in a gaming headset



, What you must look out for in a gaming headset, Frederick Nuetei

There is a lot to consider when shopping for the best gaming headset to fit your needs, but there are a few main aspects you’ll really want to focus on:

  • Sound quality: If you’re going to spend money on a headset, you’re going to want it to actually sound good. Make sure you check out those specs — does it enable surround sound? Does it have noise isolation? Important things to know before you click “buy.”
  • Comfort: If you game for multiple hours at a time, you’ll want a headset that doesn’t hurt your ears after prolonged usage. Prioritize headsets with cushioned ear cups and headbands for long-lasting comfort that won’t distract you from your gameplay.
  • Microphone: First, make sure you know whether or not the headset even has a microphone. We recommend getting one if you play games online often. Then you’ll want to see if the input quality of the mic is good, what material it’s made out of, and if it’s retractable or not (which is a huge plus). 
  • Wired or wireless? Both have their pros and cons, so find your preference and stick with it — some headsets even offer both.
  • Durability: You don’t want to end up buying another headset a few months from now — make sure it’s durable the first time around, and not just a hunk of plastic that won’t last.
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Sort all that out, and you’re pretty much fully equipped to get a gaming headset you’re bound to fall in love with.

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