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COVID-19 – NUGS Outlines Food And Goods Distribution Road Map For Students



NUGS’ COVID-19 Intervention Roadmap


Distribution of limited recharge cards to students for online lectures effective today, Monday, 30th March 2020. Universities who have made provisions for their students are exempts; Whereas Distribution of Food items to begin Thursday, 2nd April 2020:

As part of ways to reduce the possible drastic implications of the partial lockdown announced by President Akufo-Addo yesterday, the student movement resolved in its National Executive Council ( NEC ) to step in for students and households who may be vulnerable on distance learning and what to eat within this two weeks period.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have come through with 2 ways, and effective Monday 30th March, here is the roadmap that the newly created Covid19-NUGS Task Force will follow in carrying out this intervention :

1. Giving away of LIMITED recharge call cards to students to serve as data for online lectures with exempt of Universities who have made provisions for their students:

Following directives by the president to close down schools, in view of containing the spread of covid19, universities are required to enroll distance learning where students are required to go online for their lecturers.

NUGS have however taken notice of some challenges posed by the digital divide since these two weeks of operation of this system. Many students of some Universities have complained of data, and should this continue, the purpose of the e-learning directive ie connecting everyone for academic purposes will be defeated.

In our little way, NUGS responds to this general challenge especially in the face of the lockdown.

As part of the Covid 19-NUGS intervention, we shall be giving out LIMITED recharge cards to affected areas EFFECTIVE TODAY, MONDAY, 30TH MARCH 2020.

Students in areas under lockdown and those whose universities HAVEN’T made provisions for online data should WhatsApp the ff number(s) to ask for credit for data for online lectures.

Steps to access and exemptions:

a. WhatsApp this number to make your credit request – 023 923 4125

b. Students will be required to show online lecture schedules as well as student ID before credits are issued out.

c.Also, NUGS has data on some universities who have given their students some bundles for such purposes, hence only students outside such brackets of universities will be prioritized.

b. Please be reminded the cards are LIMITED.

Once again, we advise colleague students to eschew any form of corruption in accessing this humanitarian gesture.

2. The creation and Distribution of a Food & Goods Bank begins on Thursday, 2nd April 2020

As of today, various organizations are still aiding the Union to stock the 4 storage houses ( 1 physical and 3 virtual ) in areas to be affected by the lockdown.

The office of NUGS in Accra will serve students and households in Accra, Kasoa, and Tema. On the other hand, there’re 3 mini stations in Kumasi to attend to our brothers and sisters in these environs.

Consequently, students in these cities will be required to access this facility by calling from THURSDAY 3rd APRIL, 2020. You will be required to follow a simple laid down the process to access any food items subject to their availability in the food and goods banks.

As emphasized above, the exercise will begin from Thursday 2nd April after NUGS finalizes its current talks with various designated ministries and is seeking a more guided partnership.
By Thursday also, considerable orders would have been reached, and students may have exhausted what may be available home at the onset of the lockdown. Services will run from 12 pm to 5 pm each day from Thursday but these operational times will be subject to security advice by the designated ministry.

Steps to access:

Numbers to call will be announced subsequently when delivery is to begin.

Once again, students are advised to be truthful to having germane conditions for which they should be helped.

Distinguished Media, Ladies, and Gentlemen, the Union wish to use this opportunity to seek more support to sustain this drive even beyond the 2 weeks lockdown if the situation doesn’t improve. The conditions surrounding the covid19 pandemic have become so volatile and unpredictable that we as student movement ought to prepare for the worst. We, therefore, appeal to citizens, organizations, and philanthropists to come through to support us on this intervention. As I said in media encounters earlier, we discourage cash donations. Hence, donors should contact the Campaign Coordinator Nana Akua Afriyie Busia on 0501148730 to access a shortcode to shop into the Food & Goods Bank. We humbly count on your support for our students in these times!

We use your medium again to appeal to our colleagues to go by the safety steps of washing hands with soap regularly and under running water, avoiding close contact with people these days, among others.

We at NUGS are of the firm belief that this two-week lockdown is a critical decider in our nation’s fight against the corona virus, and we ought to be combative about it. So as much as possible, #StayHome.

The world has survived similar plagues, we can and surely will survive this too, but with you alive!

Aluta Continua! Aluta Continua. Thank you for your attention.

Your Servant Leader

Isaac Jay Hyde.
NUGS President, 2019| 2020.

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Please let us continue to protect ourselves by observing the safety precautionary measures ie washing of hands with soap under running water, wear your face mask when stepping out and observe social distancing. Please watch him in the video below. Thank you. #staysafe

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